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We understand that if you are new to tattooing you are going to need some help. That is why we have created the most comprehensive and easy to follow guide for all your tattooing needs.

Nobody wants to show off ink that looks like they have been used as a guinea pig for prison tattooing practice.

By following our simple step by step guide you will be tattooing works of art that anybody would be proud to display for a lifetime.

A tattoo is one of the most important things that you want done right in your life, and voicing your personality through tattoos and body art is the ultimate expression of individualism and uniqueness.

The “How To Tattoo Bible” reveals absolutely everything you will ever need to know to fast track your skills to tattoo stardom…

The “How To Tattoo Bible” Will Reveal To You…

Learn How To Tattoo




Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Valued at $27

  • How to Become a Tattoo Artist
  • Important Tips About Becoming a Tattoo Artist
  • Angel Tattoo Designs For Anyone
  • Customized Tattoo Designs
  • Choosing the Right Tattoo Design
  • Design Consultations for Tattoos
  • Finding the Right Tattoo Artist
  • Finding an Apprenticeship to Become a Tattoo Artist
  • Getting to Know Your Tattoo Artist
  • Getting Tattoos Done At A Tattoo School
  • Heart Tattoo Designs
  • How to be a Successful Tattoo Artist
  • How to Choose a Tattoo Artist to Learn From
  • How to Choose the Best Tattoo Design
  • Where to Learn to Be a Tattoo Artist
  • Popular Tattoos for Women
  • Preliminary Requirements for a Tattoo Artist
  • Skull Tattoo Designs Aren’t New
  • Tattoo Designs Especially for Women
  • Tattoo Designs Online
  • Tips for Designing Tattoos for Clients
  • Tips for Tattoo Design Making
  • Tips for Working with a Tattoo Artist for Your Design
  • Tribute Tattoo Designs
  • Where To Find Tattoo Designs


You Will Also Receive Hundreds Of Different Tattoo Designs Such As…

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Colourful Butterflies

Over 100 Colourful Butterfly Tattoos

For Women

Valued at $27

Dragon Tattoos

Over 300 Exclusive Dragon Tattoo Designs

The Myths & Meanings Behind Dragon Tattoos

Valued at $27

Fairies & Angels

75 Beautiful Fairy & Angel Tattoo Designs

Valued at $27

Japanese Tattoos

3 Japanese Tattoo eBooks Including…

Horicho Tattoos, Demon Tattoos and Hero Tattoos

Valued at $27


Kanji Symbols

Kanji Symbols 84 Names & 138 Meanings

Valued at $27


Stars & Symbols

222 Stars & Symbols Tattoo Designs

Valued at $27

Tribal Butterflies

Over 100 Tribal Tattoos Designs For Women

Valued at $27

Tribal Tattoos

213 Tribal Black and White Tattoo Designs

Perfect for Lower Back Tattoos

Valued at $27

Mehndi Tattoos

Learn To Create Your Own Body Paint

And Cultural Tattoos

Valued at $27

Perfect Tattoo


Valued at $27

The Perfect Tattoo eBook Will Reveal To You…

  • How to Age a Tattoo
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Disappearing Tattoos
  • The Cultural Significance of Tattoos
  • Cosmetic Tattooing
  • Choosing a Tattooist
  • What you Should Know before Getting your First Tattoo
  • Generational Trends
  • Understanding Health Risk
  • How to Care for your new Tattoo
  • How the Process Works


…Plus Much Much More…

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The “How To Tattoo Bible” Containing…


  • The Complete How To Tattoo Guide From A to Z
  • Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist eBook
  • Over 100 Colorful Butterfly Tattoos eBook
  • Over 300 Exclusive Dragon Tattoo Designs eBook
  • 75 Beautiful Fairy & Angel Tattoo Design
  • Japanese Horicho Tattoos eBook
  • Japanese Demon Tattoos eBook
  • Japanese Hero Tattoos eBook
  • Kanji Symbols 84 Names & 138 Meanings eBook
  • 222 Stars & Symbols Tattoo Designs eBook
  • Over 100 Tribal Butterfly Tattoos Designs For Women eBook
  • 213 Tribal Black and White Tattoo Designs eBook
  • A Complete Guide To Mehndi Tattoos eBook
  • The Perfect Tattoo eBook